Innovating Critical Care

Omnicure was founded to innovate the delivery of critical care. Almost 3 years ago our team banded together to create an intuitive, simple, and mobile-friendly solution to provide tele-critical care with no hardware costs for the hospital.

Our primary motives?

  • The belief that healthcare as a whole can be improved through efficient allocation of physician resources.
  • The commitment to provide critical care expertise to settings without intensivists. Whether that is a Critical Access Hospital with a small ICU, or an ED where high-acuity patients wait to be transferred to a hospital bed, we set out to create a model that enabled bedside providers to easily connect with intensivists.

Sanjay Subramanian, a critical care physician in St. Louis, experienced the inefficiencies of legacy tele-ICU systems and considered the limitations. He saw an opportunity to make a positive change. Having previously practiced in Seattle, Sanjay reconnected with old friends and colleagues including Paramesh Vaidyanathan. Paramesh would go on to lead software development and become Omnicure’s CTO, with unique access to the tech talent of Seattle. Sanjay and fellow critical care colleagues helped guide product development, methodically designing workflows that would be natural and intuitive to providers.

Omnicure is an emerging force in tele-ICU, and more broadly provider-to-provider telemedicine. Our platform is nimble yet comprehensive. We knew the platform alone could help health systems better utilize intensivists to optimize their coverage. The next step was building a team of intensivists to provide coverage and consults to hospitals and systems that did not have critical care physicians in-house 24/7.

Intensivists loved the idea of providing remote coverage from home as opposed to the traditional centralized bunker locations associated with tele-ICU. We are still adding intensivists to prepare for additional coverage as we scale. If you are an intensivist reading this and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are excited to have our new website up and running, and look forward to using this blog as a medium to discuss critical care, telemedicine, and all things healthcare.

Stay tuned as we work to bring critical care to new locations and strive to make a positive impact in healthcare through the use of our unique technology.


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